Keep your home secure and deter burglars by using the following common sense security tips.

1. Keep doors locked and windows fastened at all times.

2. Install Charley Bars on sliding patio or balcony doors.

3. Don’t leave your spare key in an obvious place such as under a doormat, flowerpot or in the wheel well of your car.

4. Lock your garage, shed, and gates.

5. Never leave tools or ladders outside of the house.

6. Install motion detector floodlights.

7. Install a wide-angled peephole in the front door.

8. Install timers on your indoor lights.

9. Do not place computer equipment, stereos or televisions near windows.

10. Never leave a message on your answering machine to say you are away from home.

11. Don’t leave the blinds down or drapes closed in every window.