Thanks to Chris Raynor and her innovative business "Home or Away", my family had a worry-free relocation to Alberta. 

"Home or Away" looked after my pets while I flew to Edmonton to seek out a new home, and then cleaned and cleared our house after we all set out for the airport on the last day, ready for the new owners. 

I don't think I realised how complicated  the logisitics of relocating could be, but Chris was able to provide sound advice and reassurance.

Knowing that her company was there to help gave me great peace of mind, and I would recommend her services to anyone who is faced with the exciting but rather stressful challenge of moving house and home. 

Lucy Faulkner

Dear Christine,

Thank you for your services.  The peace of mind you provide is essential and we would definitely recommend you to anybody in time of need.

You simplified our lives immensely, by taking away one of our concerns, when we moved to a different province.

It was a pleasure dealing with you.  We especially liked that you met with us in person, took the time to explain exactly what we were to expect and how you made sure that our property looked presentable for the new owners.

We wish you and your company great success.

Joseph and Regina

Hi Chris,

Thank you, Chris, for taking good care of our home while we were away recently.   It gave us peace of mind knowing that if something needed fixing, you have professional people to fix it until our return.

We would recommend your services to any of our friends or neighbours.

Thanks again, Chris, for your professionalism.

Ray & Joyce