Home or Away Property Services is a Canadian owned and operated company, serving the Durham Regions and surrounding areas. Our employees are fully insured. We provide a professional, courteous and very affordable service.


I immigrated to Canada from Britain, with three children under five and a great sense of adventure. My adopted country was kind to me and, sixteen years later, I have no regrets and I am a very proud Canadian Citizen. Canada has an international reputation as a diverse and tolerant nation that encompasses my idea of the ideal world in which I want to bring up my family. This country also has the reputation for rewarding hard work and effort, irrespective of the differences in people that can sometimes limit their ability to become successful in their field.

Home Or Away Property Services has an equal opportunity policy and works hard to ensure that everyone is given a chance to excel at the customer service of which we are very proud. We are also considerate of the environment with a natural cleaning policy, organic gardening methods and an enthusiastic and committed staff, that take great care to limit their carbon footprints wherever possible.

When I decided to start my own business, I had a vision of a company built on excellent service, that puts customer satisfaction at the very top of its list of important qualities. A client that comes to me by the recommendation of an existing client is highly valued and I consider it a privilege to go over and above my ordinary high standards to ensure that that particular customer, in turn, feels justified in recommending my company to his or her contacts.

Whether you need someone to take care of your home, plants and cat for two weeks while you are on vacation, require help on a regular basis to cover work related absences, are relocating and need help in maintaining your empty property until the sale, or for any other reason, Home Or Away Property Services will comply with the terms of your home insurance policy and provide a professional, courteous and surprisingly affordable service from our fully insured employees to ensure that your home is very well taken care of during your absence. You have my word on that!


Christine Raynor
Home Or Away Property Services